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Friday, February 19, 2010

Coconut water and Coconut Juice

Okay let us talk coconut water and coconut juice.

Great for re-hydration after workout, lots of electrolytes and potassium.

Here is a photo below of another brand jumping on the coconut water bandwagon. CO2 And why not it is a good bandwagon to be on. Coconut juice sells like crazy.

Amy and Brian's coconut juice (slightly different thicker, more sugar, and some with coconut meat chunks was the first all natural version that I was familiar with and I couldn't keep it in the drink cooler in my store in NYC or Berkeley. The cans would often come in dented which was annoying but people would buy tons of it by the case, multiples at one time.

Then Vita Coco came along with straight coconut water. Vita Coco (, ONE (, and ZICO ( all sell similar products but in aspectic containers. All of which sell well. They all have their own special flavors and slightly different tastes. I tend to favor Vita Coco personally as I like the taste and I believe they were one of the firsts to make this product and I have had good experiences dealing with them as a company. However if you own a store or are a buyer and you don't carry any coconut water at all of the any of the above brands are a safe bet. I would start with the plain or original in the single serve size and see how that does and then expand from there. Some of the brands offer larger sizes that you can stock in your juice aisle as none of these have to stay refrigerated, but I do recommend keeping some of the small size in your drink cooler. I also recommend keeping cases on hand because if you keep them at a good price people will buy by the case. I don't think you will be disappointed. As a category I give coconut water an 8.9 out of 10. Go get yourself some coconut water.


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